This project was started to provide my buddy Aaron Liber a copy of the code I had long been using to store all of the shows that I had seen and recorded. I removed stuff from the code that he wouldn't need and then he basically became a beta tester. I realized that others might want to use something like this on their own site and therefore I made it available to download at anytime.

Sites Currently Using showdb:

Demo showdb
You can now preview showdb before downloading and installing it on your own site. Feel free to use any and all functionality of the demo including the siteadmin area. At times when showdb is under new development the demo may be unavailable.

Installation Instructions
Decided to take the plunge? Hopefully this will help you along your way. These instructions should also be in the README.txt file.

Frequently Asked Questions
Not many questions have been asked, but I tried to put myself in your shoes for a few minutes and these are the questions I thought you might ask.

Submit A Bug
We all make mistakes right? :) You can also use this to request additional features or to ask a question about showdb.